Pleasant surprises: weekly menu edition

First of all, Anna did stop throwing up long enough to actually attend school this week, so we've got that going for us.

I convinced her that starting second grade on the second day was probably lucky, a strategy that is going to start to be a real problem around middle school.

I'm continuing to crib useful ideas from my Food group on Facebook without actually contributing anything worthwhile myself. This is my general relationship with the internet as a whole.

The theme for this week was Sneaking Green Stuff Into Flat Stuff. First up: Summer Squash Pizza. I was genuinely surprised at how great this pizza crust turned out, because in its dough form it looked pretty rough. But it was cracker-y and tasty and I loved it.

Even the girls happily ate all the parts that weren't touching vegetables!

Next up: Okonomiyaki. I like a savory pancake, and these were good, but the sauce was a real delight. I guess it should have been obvious that mayonnaise and soy sauce and sriracha would be a nice combination, but it far exceeded my expectations. GOOD JOB, SALTY HEAVEN SAUCE.

We are handling the first week back to school okay. There are cake pops involved.