My favorite heat-escaping tactic is unconsciousness

Hey guys, we have now officially limped into August and I'm here with some tips for what to do when you hit that part of the summer where you just honestly can't though with the meal planning.

#1: Get invited to a birthday party. Preferably one with catered trays.

If you can find a way to make friends with Regan, there's a decent chance you can even get your hands on a quiche or two.

#2: Seasonal fruit. A big bowl of seasonal fruit can be just the thing! The one below, for example, is brimming with vitamins and nutrients and fiber and such.


#3) Taco Tuesday is now also Taco Monday.

Congratulations! You got through the weekend without turning on your oven or stove and no one in your household is demonstrably malnourished! 

You deserve a break.