Schedules are my drug

I would like to kick off this back-to-school-flavored post by pointing out that this is the face Anna made at me when I asked if she could find Canada, which, fair enough I guess.

Asking her to find Hawaii would have been a whole other kettle of fish though. Because they... did not include Hawaii on this map. 

Back to school means back to routines which is sweet, sweet nectar for a mildly anxious/obsessive mind such as my own. I decided to consult my under-utilized Facebook food group for ideas on how to transition back into meal-planning mode, and they totally stepped up. GREAT JOB TEAM.

Thai Coconut Curry Turkey Meatballs. These are flavorful but not too spicy, hold up great as leftovers, and have a nice texture**
**for meatballs whoops I always forget I don't really like meatballs even good ones

Baked Caprese Pasta. I'm always happy when I can basically make spaghetti and jarred marinara sauce but pretend it's real cooking by adding cheese to the top. A plus great dish.

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. Well, these are a problem. It's very easy to remember that big pile of shredded zucchini that went into them and convince yourself that it's reasonable to eat two. Or six.

Oven-Roasted Chicken Shawarma. Look, the shawarma has been discussed at length in other venues. It's an object of strange obsession. You know why? *very Seinfeld voice* because people like to say "shawarma."

Our elementary school is now an Arts Integration Academy, which means that music, visual arts, dance, and theater will be incorporated into the curriculum. Sounds good in theory, I'm not sure the girls are going to take to it, though. 

Good thing Ivy has another year before Kindergarten, plenty of time to warm up to the idea here at home.