This was a weirdly fun challenge, actually

We're leaving for vacation in two days, so this week's meal theme was Clean Out The Fridge/Freezer/Pantry aka Every Dollar I Don't Spend on Groceries Is A Dollar I Can Spend On Hamilton Merch.

Recipe #1: The White Carb Special. Half jasmine/half arborio rice, frozen TJ's garlic potatoes, and two leeks because recipes always call for one leek and you can only buy them in threes.

I see your frustrating grocery store inefficiency and I eat in on top of rice 

Recipe: Chicken Salad with Random Things Hidden in It. Golden raisins, for example. Can you see them? Didn't think so.

What's that? You don't have cans of pre-cooked chicken in your pantry that your mom made in her pressure cooker and gave you for Christmas? SORRY BOUT IT.

Recipe #3: I Probably Could Have Passed This Off As Something I Planned In Advance Asian Noodles and Vegetables.

I say this with absolute sincerity: frozen vegetables are a miracle, especially when they come with frozen packets of soy sauce.

Anyway, we had better get out of here before we're down to Stale Chip Marmalade Casserole.