Get it while it's green

First of all, a very sincere thank you to everyone who clicked/followed/bought some candles this first week. You guys made me feel like the modest success I always secretly suspected myself to be! Here, I shall reward you with some proper greenery before we run out of March and I don't have to eat vegetables anymore:

Avocado caprese salad. Her picture includes tomatoes; her instructions do not. Guess who skips directly to the recipe? Whatever, GREENER THIS WAY.

White Bean Chicken Chile Verde. This was really, really good and made both of my children miserable.

Anyone who has placed an order so far should be receiving their package sometime between today(!!!) and Monday. Right now I'm trying to work out whether it would be more efficient for me to just hand-deliver everything rather than continue my current method of taking to my bed and anxiously refreshing tracking information until I approach delirium. Driving them myself might take up less time, and it would be nice for Ivy and me to get out of the house, is what I'm thinking.

At any rate, still plenty of great stuff in stock. Our distribution department is standing by.

Candle elves are cheery folk.