Green stuff time! Spring rolls seem like an obvious choice for Green Month, right? With warm, glorious spring busting out everywhere and all?

Okay, fine. Serving a plate of cold food actually seemed SO WRONG that I panicked and brewed a pot full of ginger tea for the table at the last minute.

These rolls were very good, seasonal inconsistency aside, although I see their "15 minutes" prep time and raise it about 45 minutes. Me attempting to wrangle wet rice paper wrappers around a pile of noodles is like a three-year-old wrapping a present. Or me wrapping a present.

Avocado toast is good in any weather, although I recommend adding some crucial fat-building bacon in instances of severe cold.

I grew up in Texas, I am having to figure out extreme-weather procedures as I go.

You will just have to take my word for it that I put a whole jar of salsa verde in with these crockpot chicken tacos. They are very green in spirit.

I added a mountain of cilantro, just in case you couldn't see the green with your heart or whatever.

Of course, it actually feels like winter here now, so I don't really want to be eating green things, I want to be eating brown things, like banana bread. I mean, I did eat half a loaf of banana bread yesterday. So I am catering to my needs. Just letting you know.

We had a snow ice sunny and clear but pretty cold day off of school yesterday. We ventured out into the neighborhood in search of signs of frozenness.

We failed.