(Dances a jig)

Top o' the mornin' to y'all! Got some pretty good stuff today.


Sopa Seca de Fideo with Tomatillos. "Green Month" is basically interchangeable with "Put Avocados and Cilantro on It Month."

TWO pies for Pi/Pie Day:

Six Ingredient Sausage Potato Pie

Chocolate Chunk and Pecan Pie. Usually I vow to be more prepared for Pie Day the next year, but this year I just vowed to remind myself how much I hate making pie. #selfacceptance #YOLOandpiedoughismessy

Soup that is vaguely Irish by way of potato content:

Dill Pickle Soup. I hadn't seen Dan look so skeptical about a recipe in a long time, but it's a SOUP made of PICKLES, how could that not be good? It's good!

Hey do you guys remember how much Baby Ivy loved St. Patrick's Day?

Three-year-old Ivy is making that exact same face this morning! Wait, St. Pat's doubles as Opposite Day, right?

In closing, a joke in the style of my kindergartener, who is significantly more self-assured in her craft than I have ever been:

"What did the (noun) say to the (other noun)?

(Five paragraph monologue in the character of noun #1.)

(Manic laughter.)

(Deeply satisfied sigh.)

These jokes are so funny."