Absolutely super comfortable with self-promotion

Okay, let's see, where were we? Green times? Green Month? Ahhhh, where did I put the guacamole…yep, there we go.

Don't be intimidated by the way I throw my whole being into these themes. You can do it, too! Just takes dedication.

And also we were…oh, yes, exploring our legacy through museum-hopping.

Never too young for Texas history.

But that's not what we're here to talk about today. No, I've invited you here today for a reason. I would first like to point out that I have asked literally nothing of you, ever, other than your attention to me talking about myself over the course of 556 blog posts, which is, what? Nineteen, twenty hours of your life, tops? Literally nothing. In fact, you almost definitely owe me (reason TK). Well, the time has come for me to impose upon you at last. You may have noted the new sidebar on the blog today where I am PEDDLING MY WARES, THAT'S RIGHT, I AM A CANDLEMONGER NOW, JUST AS I HAVE DREAMED OF SINCE I WAS A SLIGHTLY YOUNGER 34.

(Cue swell of inspirational music, hold for applause.)




Thank you! I know! I'm excited too.

Look at this little guy. He's ready for a good home. Or any home. He would accept a patio/garage.

Therefore, I beseech you, go forth and do one or all of the following, I know it will add extra seconds to your blog-reading burden today but it's not like I'm asking you to do something crazy like leave a comment or anything, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE:

I really didn't want to have to bring this up, but I have killed for you guys. I'm just saying.

You know what I find very interesting and enjoyable? Making candles. You know what is not unfurling quite so smoothly? Every single other aspect of selling things. I know in my heart of hearts that it is possible for one human to operate two different Instagram accounts, but it's, uh, not coming very naturally to me in my middle age. Don't worry though, I am rage, raging against the dying of the facility with modern technology and I'm sure I'll work something out eventually. On a totally unrelated and completely intentional note: I think I changed my regular Twitter picture.

Anyway, whew, I think I need a break from all this excitement, I'm going to go practice some Spring Sporting Activities for a bit.