Green snack break!

Not pictured: the large bag of bagel chips I actually used to take down this hummus. They're brown. 

Green book club appetizer!

These are just non-recipe potatoes with various cheeses and green stuff on top. We finally found a book wherein the main character eats nothing but potatoes for the duration of the story. I knew we could do it!

 Green Martha recipe!

Classic Omelet with Spinach-Basil Pesto. I had to reach in and mess with the food processor while making this pesto and got a decent-depth cut on my finger. Every time something like that happens I think "This is it, it's my Jack-Daniels-kicked-his-safe-and-died moment." I realize the wide availability of disinfectants makes that unlikely, but I can easily see myself being felled by something like pesto and anyway they're called irrational fears for a reason.

Late-winter trip to the dentist!

Haha, no, we totally trust modern medicine! What fluoride mind control are you even talking about?

The girls have switched over to a different Toca game and I think it's going a lot better, what do you guys think?