Super Social Food League goes green

First and most importantly, I made bread with pesto in it.

Take however much time you need to absorb this information. Sit with it. Soak in it. Feel the basil in your very core.

Second and second-most importantly, Wednesday night was the March outing of the Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin. We went to Sala & Betty, a place so new they don't even have a real sign up yet, figuring that if it doesn't make it, that's one fewer place that we can't show our green-spackled faces again. Also, it sounded good! Also that.

Had some cauliflower fancy-soup:

Some proscuitto-wrapped nopales with apple butter:

Launched into a mini-competition with Regan re: decadent entree. Mine had pulled pork and queso.


But she had fried chicken and a biscuit and gravy.

I was going to crop Regan's hand out of this picture, but actually the shadow of her hovering fork pretty accurately sums up how annoying it is to dine with me.

Then we went to Sweet Ritual for some vegan ice cream, because 1) we never learn anything, ever, and 2) the kind of place where they straight blow-torch your s'mores sundae is the kind of place where they accept your unique makeup and lifestyle choices.

Honestly, we have never felt so embraced.

Edible glitter. Keys at the ready so she can flee my incessant picture-taking.


So, speaking of the makeup, Regan's green lipstick clearly outshone my bright green eyeliner, which is why I tried to nudge her out of the picture.

I can't help the way my camera points itself, it's like a Ouija board or something.

ALSO, hard to tell in the picture, but Regan's eyelashes are long and purple. Did I give her long, purple eyelashes to wear? No, I did not. I gave her green lipstick to wear and she answered by putting on LONG, PURPLE EYELASHES. She's like Will Hunting picking the wrench. It's impossible to challenge this woman.

Anyway, successful week! Other than DST, which has wreaked typical havoc on our mornings and evenings! But it's almost spring break here, just one more day, buckle down everybody, we can do thisssssss!

Just make it through this Friday the 13th and we're gonna party like Secret Service agents.