At least I can still muster exclamation points

Guys, you know I'm not complaining, but most of Ivy's hair melted off.

It's that point in August.

Category: "Sandwiches." Recipe: Fontina + Blueberry Basil Smash Grilled Cheese.

I liked this recipe because it did not require me to turn on the oven and also for obvious, melty reasons.


Summer Activities:

Pitifully beseeching neighborhood potted plant thieves!

Dan is really sad about his chile pequin plant, guys.

Going Full Shawshank in PaPa's water mister!

Heat-related levitation? Not 100% sure what's happening here.


Y'all know I'm all about that #boothlife but the fact is, my sweet delicate babies need to live in air conditioning until about October. And now they doooooooo! We have a little shelf space in a real live store! Everyone go to Atown to visit them! I will totally understand if you end up buying lots of other things instead, that place is insanely appealing!