Still have to make a pie

Still August! Yep! 100% August! In case you had lost track! Not complaining, just making a note of it, for posterity. "August continues to be." Okay, I'm done, here we go.

Category: "Pizza." Recipe: The Best English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza.

This involves doing a lot of extra work in order to make what should be a very very easy recipe taste marginally better.

And you gotta throw some RB down anyway, so what's the point, really?

Category: "Sweets." Recipe: Triple Chocolate Pound Cake.

Because I failed to frost this, it is actually only a double chocolate pound cake.

May as well not even finish the post, I know so many of you just closed this window in disgust.

Category: "Pancakes/Waffles/French Toast." Recipe: Carrot Cake Protein Pancakes.

Was my six-year-old taken in by this particular sneaky-healthy recipe?

No. No she was not. But her sister was!

It Is Still Summer For Some Of Us Activities:

Yard work!


General fun times! Thumbs up!