SSFMLA Goes Goth

Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin channeled the bright color of our late-August mood into our lipstick this month.

It's not complaining. It's a non-verbal expression. Of feelings. That are very negative.

We ventured east a bit to Mettle because 1) a lot of natural light, obviously, and 2) Fancy Bacon Tater Tots.

We probably could have just ordered four rounds of these and been as happy as one can be while wearing black lipstick.

Also other, more entree-ish foods.

And dessert, which was fancy and wonderful but also dark and blurry, much like ourselves. I will note that of all the genuinely weird things we have worn out in public, this one actually seemed to garner the most attention/reaction for some reason. Maybe because we matched? Or because black lipstick seems like a statement more than, say…teal eyebrows or feathery eyelashes, which just seem goofy? I don't know. But boy howdy we endured some looks this month. August is the best.


It has passed now. Onward, to Pinterest!

Category: "Muffins and Quick Breads." Recipe: Heartland Raspberry Yogurt Muffins.

These were very good and contained enough legitimate breakfast ingredients to seem acceptable first thing in the morning. I wish there wasn't only one left.

Update: I wish they weren't all gone.

Category: "Veggie Entrees." Recipe: Lasagna Stuffed Zucchini.

These were good and I even managed to wrangle them into the toaster oven.


Category: "Meat." Recipe: Dr. Pepper Slow Cooker Roast Beef.

It was nice to have the slow cooker bubbling away on a chilly, overcast day (SEE ABOVE).

Summer Activities:

Just enjoying the hell out of this home stretch of summer vacation!

The key is getting out of the house every day!